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In cases where clients are competing against highly authoritative sites with a .gov or .edu address, high-quality link building becomes an even more critical part of a sound SEO strategy.

However, developing and implementing that strategy is nearly impossible for teams that have limited bandwidth. By relying on Linkflow’s experienced team, the client was able to dedicate more internal resources to other important growth initiatives.

The client’s primary objectives included:

  • Increasing market share
  • Securing 30 high-quality backlinks to the home page by the end of the year to improve site authority
  • Gaining geo-centric organic search traffic to convert users in specific locations across the U.S.

Link Building Strategy

After developing an SEO strategy to kick off the engagement, we started by refining internal links to improve search engine crawling, spread page authority across the site, and eliminate orphan pages.

We also determined the number of links each page needed to rank in the top ten results for target keywords and began outreach efforts to acquire those backlinks.

By the end of 2020, the client had 32 high-quality backlinks pointing to its homepage and six location-specific money pages. All referring domains were unique, do-follow websites with an average Domain Rating (DR) of 67.

During the next 10 months, more than 100 backlinks targeting a total of 11 geo-centric money pages were placed.

“There was an appreciable shift in conversions while working with Linkflow, and that was clearly reflected in our revenue. The advice and guidance we receive from Linkflow is data-driven, candid, and always in our best interest. It's refreshing to find an agency we can trust.”
Digital Marketing Manager, Online Education client

The Results

After our high-quality link building, the client’s key pages are now ranking comparably to .gov and .org websites, above the fold on the first page of Google.

Overall site performance was equally impressive:

Cumulative traffic increased 40%
Number of keywords ranking in positions #1-3 increased by 2400% (from 13 to 325)
Completed course registrations increased 80%
Completed payments increased more than 95%

Most importantly, the massive gains in volume and quality of search traffic led to more course sales and bottom line improvements.

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By the third quarter of 2021, year-over-year changes in money page traffic, completed registrations, and completed payments were significant:

Overall site performance was equally impressive:

  • Cumulative money page traffic increased more than 76%
  • Completed course registrations increased more than 91%
  • Completed payments increased more than 46%

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