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We wanted more leads coming through the website, and we wanted them to be qualified leads that turn into booked calls. To do this, we needed more organic traffic. So we worked on our own link building efforts, carefully picking the pages and anchors according to a sound plan that we’d seen work for many clients.

The problem is the B2B marketing arena is notoriously cutthroat when it comes to marketing and SEO – of course it is, we’re the experts – and despite our efforts to build links to critical pages, we weren’t achieving the results we wanted.

That gave us two options: stick to our path and hope something changed, or try something new. We chose the latter route.

While our pages were optimized for search, our blog content and topical authority was lacking.

Our topics were all over the place, ranging from internal linking best practices to explanations of what DR and DA are. Additionally, each piece was a standalone blog without any sort of clustering and internal linking strategy. We didn’t have pillars supported by related content and nothing was working together to build our authority about individual topics.

We were just creating content to create content, believing the old fallacy, “if you build it, they will come.”

Getting Started

To start, we had to revamp the way we approached keyword research. We had always targeted any keyword that was remotely relevant to SEO. The problem with this is that our ideal customers weren’t necessarily searching for the keywords we were writing about. For example, someone searching for “Fiverr Backlinks” doesn’t quite fully understand the value of backlinks and therefore probably isn’t a good fit. A similar, but significantly more relevant, keyword for us would be “link building pricing” or perhaps “link building packages.” We rank on page 1 for both of these keywords now, among many others. Moving forward, we are taking a more strategic approach to selecting our keywords. We also decided to niche down our content strategy around link building and SaaS topics specifically instead of broad SEO topics.

Topical Authority
Content Marketing


Our competitive commercial keywords are climbing the ranks quickly and our spoke content is driving leads.

Booked calls
Booked calls through website in the entire previous year: 37
high quality
Booked calls through website in the first 2.5 months of the new year: 15 high quality leads and more than double the previous period
Organic Traffic increased by 47.8% year-over-year just in the first quarter
Our gains
soon as we did
Our gains stalled in April when we paused content creation, but momentum picked up again as soon as we did

This is only the beginning. We are continuing to invest in this strategy and have even increased our rate on content production. By the end of the year, we should be able to double or triple the amount of booked calls generated by our website.

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The Takeaways

SEO is a long game. It typically takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months to see results.
Don’t take shortcuts. Instead, focus on having the best page on the internet for a particular keyword.
Commercial pages aren’t everything. You can drive leads with content, and often the best results from SEO are driven by a solid content strategy with links.

How Linkflow Increased Traffic With Content Strategy

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