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A large IT software solutions company was referred to us by a current client to help with their link building efforts.

When we first started working with them, their organic traffic had been sliding and conversions were in a tailspin. One of their major suspicions was that Microsoft decided to enter the space and build pages to attract that target audience.

Many competitors in this vertical have a domain rating (DR) in the 70s, while Microsoft has a DR of 96. With such an authoritative site, Microsoft’s content vaulted to the top of the rankings for the target keywords, siphoning the client’s traffic.

Link Building Strategy

  • We identified four revenue-driving pages that were in need of more authority
  • We built more than 130 links to their website during a 12-month period with an average DR of 59
  • We provide content recommendations to improve engagement once users clicked through


Focusing on pages that drive revenue. When opportunities are wide-ranging, there’s always temptation to allocate resources across ALL of them. Instead, focus heavily on the pages that are most likely to drive revenue.

A strong website is made up of strong pages. While we’ve been focused on a very select set of pages, it’s easy to see how these pages have contributed to the site’s traffic overall.

SERPs can change on a dime. When sites are performing well, it’s easy to take your foot off the gas and get complacent. But we warn clients all the time–companies with large budgets and authoritative sites, like Microsoft, can set their sights on a new vertical at any time. Proactively building links is the best way to prevent a situation like this from tanking your site’s traffic.

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