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This client sells software that helps companies co-sell through partners, increasing revenue earned through channel partnerships. When they engaged with Linkflow, their goals were:

  • Increase Domain Rating (DR), which is a measure of the site’s authority, from 43.
  • Get more organic traffic to the website, resulting in more marketing-qualified leads.
  • Rank highly for the term “Partner Relationship Management”, where they were not even in the top 100

Our Strategy

To help the client achieve their goals, Linkflow:

Built a steady cadence of high-quality links to the homepage to boost overall DR.
Worked with the client to create a 1000-word educational guide on partner relationship management using SEO best practices. In addition, we helped the client create a number of other long-form guides.
Built contextually relevant links to this guide, using a strategic mix of anchor text.
Built a total of 70 links to the client’s website during a 9 month period with an average DR of 59.

The Results

Within 9 months, the client saw the following significant results:

43 → 58
DR increased from 43 → 58.
58% increase in organic traffic sitewide.
top 100
not ranking
Went from not ranking in top 100 → position 2 for “Partner Relationship Management”, outranking
top 100
not ranking
Went from not ranking in top 100 → position 2 for “co-selling”.


There are some great lessons for all companies in how to do SEO right. And we don’t take all the credit either – the client put in the effort to create the content they needed to rank well, which helped increase the success of the campaign. 

  • A rising tide lifts all boats. When we started working with them, they had a DR of 43. While not bad, it’s fairly average. By boosting their DR up to 58 (through high-quality link building to the homepage), they are now able to rank higher, more quickly, for any future content they produce.
  • Be strategic in identifying your focus point. Our client identified partner relationship management as a strategic term given a) it’s relevant to what they do, b) search volume is high, and c) it wasn’t super competitive. This is the holy trinity of SEO research. The intersection of these three circles is where you want to focus your energy.
  • Once you find a focus point, COMMIT! Once the client identified the optimal search term, they went after it full throttle. They built out a long-form guide that was head and shoulders above the competition, receiving an insanely high surfer score of 92 (well above the big-name competitors). For context, Surfer provides a great tool that allows companies to compare their content to their competitors’ in relation to a specific keyword.
  • Quality over quantity.  If you align everything properly, you don’t need a TON of links to rank well. Because of the reasons above, it only took 16 links to get to the #2 position for this keyword and garner considerable traffic.

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