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Company Culture and Marketing Solutions With Greer Lynch of Leaf Logistics

 Greer LynchGreer Lynch is the Marketing Lead at Leaf Logistics. Leaf Logistics provides resilient transportation planning and execution to its clients to gain network efficiencies and unlock a forward view of tomorrow’s transportation market. The company is building a more transparent industry-wide network that reveals exponentially more opportunities for network coordination.

Greer holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. She has 15 years of experience in technology marketing and co-founded the software company, AnyMod. Most recently, Greer led Partnerships Marketing for the logistics company, Convoy.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Greer Lynch reflects on the twists and turns throughout her career
  • What does Leaf Logistics do?
  • Greer shares the story of co-founding AnyMod
  • The things Leaf Logistics does to keep people engaged and feel like they’re part of a community
  • The resistance Greer faced when bringing new technologies to the transportation logistics world
  • How to create awareness for a solution that people might not know exists
  • The hard lessons Greer learned through her marketing experience
  • Greer shares helpful advice from her career

In this episode…

The pandemic changed the way we work — including where we work. Many companies have gone fully remote, which has provided workers with unprecedented flexibility. But how do you maintain a solid and engaging culture for a company that doesn’t meet in person?

Bringing people together in a variety of forms is crucial to maintaining and developing your company culture. Leaf Logistics has tackled the challenges of a remote-work world by understanding and believing a good idea can come from anywhere, not just in the office. By ensuring employees have the time and resources to bring the best version of themselves to work, Leaf Logistics has created a healthy and interesting company culture.

In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost welcome Greer Lynch to the show. Greer is the Marketing Lead at Leaf Logistics, which connects shippers, providers, and partners to deliver the future transportation market. Greer shares strategies Leaf Logistics has employed to maintain a healthy company culture, reflects on her career and entrepreneurial experiences, and discusses marketing tips and tools to make people aware of your solution.

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