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From 2017 to 2018 business was going well: website traffic, revenues and profits were growing steadily month over month. The company had launched two business divisions, each achieving success in their markets, and the company was gaining market share in a competitive space.

In early 2019 – without any warning – organic website traffic, which accounts for a significant portion of their new revenue, started to decline.

From January through October 2019, this slow and steady decrease persisted. By November 2019 organic traffic had dipped dangerously low, materially impacting their profitability and prompting them to seek a solution.

Our Analysis

During our in-depth review of their organic traffic situation, we identified four key areas in which we could show measurable improvement by months 2-3, and dramatic impact by months 4-6.

Low quantity of backlinks compared to competitors
Low quality (domain authority) of links compared to competitors
Insufficient content on site
Poor keyword optimization

Link Building Strategy

Link building typically takes 2-3 months to have a notable impact, so we needed to start immediately in order to see results quickly.

We built 10 links per month from high Domain Authority publications (DA 70 and higher) with significant traffic in business and tech verticals, where we could create meaningful impact in the shortest time frame possible.

Our strategy focused on directing those links to the pages where we saw the highest potential for rankings (and traffic) improvement.

We're delighted with the results from working with Linkflow, it's been a huge bright spot for our business. It's a no-brainer to keep working with them. I can't recommend Linkflow enough!
-Megan A, VP of Marketing

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