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A client in the tech hardware industry had a relatively new website that was receiving little organic traffic. They were curious about SEO and reached out to Linkflow for guidance on which keywords to target and how to best structure their site. They had competitors in the billion dollar revenue range who were competing for many of the same keywords.

This particular client had several challenges that made hiring an SEO agency attractive:

  • They had a one-person marketing department and wanted the support of a team, without the cost of hiring one in-house.
  • They were spending a good chunk of their marketing budget on paid ads, and getting mediocre results.

Link Building Strategy

We first completed an audit of the site to look for quick-win opportunities. We recommended a site structure that resembles a very basic e-commerce website: several category and subcategory pages. With a limited budget, it’s important not to spread yourself too thin across dozens and dozens of pages.

We also put together a comprehensive plan to build links to their most important category pages. After the initial audit was complete, the client decided to build eight links per month to these pages.

The Results

Built more than 100 contextually relevant links with an average DR of 60
top 3
Achieved top 3 ranking for several high-value keywords
77% increase in total number of keywords
11 to 27
DR increase from 11 to 27


  • Focus on a few key pages. With limited resources, it’s best to focus on a handful of key pages at first. There are many more pieces of supporting content that this client can create in the future, but getting your pillar content ranking should be the first priority.
  • Start with long-tail keywords. When you’re competing against big brands for high-value keywords, it’s helpful to dig a little deeper for long-tail variations of those keywords. Big brands typically don’t pay as much attention to keywords with lower search volume, which means they’re ripe for the picking.  
  • Links build authority. This particular client needed help identifying the proper keywords and creating engaging pages. However, that by itself probably wouldn’t move the needle much. It’s necessary to build backlinks from authoritative websites to give yourself the best chance of ranking in search engines.  
  • Don’t forget the user experience. Just because a page contains many relevant keywords, doesn’t mean that users will find the content engaging. It’s important to tell a story on the page about the user pain points and product benefits before diving in to your company’s offerings and pricing details.

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