How Linkflow Helped an Education Site Reach an All-Time High for Traffic

The client is a national education company that was looking to improve rankings for a number of highly competitive keywords in order to increase their program visibility and enrollment.

Keep reading to learn how Linkflow increased their organic traffic to an all-time high in less than a year.

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A nationally-recognized online education brand reached out to us to improve their off-page SEO. They were attempting to improve rankings for highly competitive keywords and ultimately, increase program enrollment. They had already produced keyword-optimized content, but a lack of authority for those individual pages was holding them back from realizing their full potential.

As we analyzed their site, our two primary objectives were to: 

  • Find low-hanging fruit opportunities to increase organic traffic.
  • Develop a backlinking strategy to improve the authority of the overall site as well as the authority of individual program pages.

Link Building Strategy

Since we were targeting a wide range of highly competitive keywords, our strategy was to build a large number of links across several high-value pages. 

Generally speaking, the more mature a site is, the more links you can build. Still, it is important to carefully optimize the links to ensure the site’s link profile looks as natural as possible. The client had previous experience with link building agencies and appreciated our conservative, data-driven approach. 

Sometimes prospective clients ask if we will be able to guarantee a certain number of links per month and the answer is yes! Since our link operations team is constantly performing outreach, we have an ever-increasing number of partner sites we can count on to meet our promised number of links. 

For this client, our team was able to successfully place links in high-DR, contextually relevant publications each month. 

The Results

After 10 months, we were thrilled to report the results of the client’s campaign:

  • We built 275 contextual links with an average DR of 55
  • Site traffic increased by 30%, an all-time traffic high 
  • Clicks to ALL target pages increased by more than 100% compared with the previous year

Site traffic increase


  • Even authoritative websites face rankings challenges. You must build the authority of individual pages if you want to rank for individual keywords. For example, a brand new page on a site with a DR of 90 might rank lower than an established page on a <90 DR site that has many backlinks.  
  • Go big or go home. This client had previous SEO experience and understood that they couldn’t “dip their toes” into backlinking. They needed to consistently build a large number of links to compete against their competitors and achieve the results they wanted. 
  • SEO takes time! The more competitive your keywords are, the more patience you need. The clients who are most successful with SEO understand that they won’t see results overnight. But a good strategy combined with some time and patience will pay dividends for many years to come.

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