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Keyword Research

Uncovering the 'money' keywords people use to find your software and solutions.

Site Architecture

Creating navigation that's easy for your customers (and Google) to use.

Commercial Page Optimization

Fine-tuning your bottom of the funnel pages to improve performance and drive conversions.

Internal Linking

Build authority with Google and keep people engaging with your website with strategic internal links.

SERP Appearance

B2B decision makers start on SERPs, bring them in with title tags, meta descriptions, and rich snippets.

Technical SEO

Ensuring fast load times, smooth functionality, and adherence to SaaS SEO best practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Adding powerful CTAs and reducing friction so your SEO success translates to revenue.

Link Building

Our bread and butter — securing links to your products from reputable sites for more visibility and authority.

Continual Improvement

Regularly analyzing and optimizing performance based on data and insights.

We work with blogs and quality websites that are relevant to you and enjoy average Ahrefs Domain Ranks of 50 or higher.
You can expect noticeable impact from acquiring high-quality backlinks in ~ 10 weeks.
Organic traffic - and conversion to revenue - can increase exponentially in less than a year!
"Linkflow’s process and culture of transparency has made working with them both easy and effective. Their team did a great job of walking us through the process of link building, advising on SEO best practices, and communicating with our team. They were patient and clear in answering our questions."
C.X., Content Strategist at an online dating compan
“We have had great success working with the Linkflow team. The communication between our teams has been excellent and the results have exceeded our expectations. We know we can count on Linkflow to deliver and help develop our backlink and referring domain profile.”
Jeff, Director of Marketing at a B2B Ecommerce company
“Linkflow has done more in this 6-month period than our previous backlinking agency did in a year. Their knowledge, expertise, and overall customer service are top notch. They’ve offered smart, personalized SEO advice to help supplement our backlinking efforts along the way.”
Kara Zenk, Senior Marketing Manager, HelpSystems

Why SaaS Companies Choose Linkflow

We've been in this business for a while. There's a reason for that.
Several Years Growing SaaS Websites
Before we help you connect with your prospects, we'll need to understand what they're searching for through extensive keyword research. And if your product is anything like we think it is, it's probably better than the average. Our SaaS SEO experts account for both your competitors and your unique value proposition in their keyword research and search for terms with high traffic potential and lower keyword difficulty. And don’t worry if your SaaS solution is one-of-a-kind – we have strategies we can use to attract your target audience.
Content Structure
Once we’ve completed the keyword research phase, we brainstorm a user- and SEO-friendly website structure that helps SaaS prospects find what they need in no time. Landing pages that give detailed descriptions of your platform, its features and solutions, industry use cases, and customer personas all come together in a cohesive content marketing strategy. And your blog traffic is the icing on the cake.
Content Creation
High-quality content is king when it comes to SaaS SEO. It's how your customer gathers the information needed to learn about your SaaS product and make an informed purchase decision. With our content marketing pros at your disposal, you can create dynamic SaaS copy that speaks to your target audience as if you'd written it yourself. As part of our full SEO service offering, we provide a comprehensive content marketing strategy that your team can execute in order for your business to establish itself as an authority in the space.
Internal Linking
Remember what we said about helping your prospects find what they need? Internal linking is a major part of search engine optimization because it helps visitors navigate your website and encourages more page views. A well-structured SaaS SEO strategy includes internal linking to boost organic search rankings, improve user experience, and engage leads.
SERP Appearance
Ranking on Google's first page is the whole point of any SaaS SEO project, but what good does that do if people aren't clicking on your page? Your page titles and meta descriptions need a special combination of keywords, the right capitalization, and persuasive copy to boost click-through rates and increase conversions.
Technical SEO
Page speed, indexing issues, HTML validation errors—all of these SEO concerns can keep software companies like yours from ranking on Google. Our SEO team conducts comprehensive audits to identify and fix any code-related problems that could be holding your website back from reaching its true potential.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
At the heart of every digital marketing campaign is one goal: to convert site visitors into customers. That's why Linkflow focuses on a SaaS SEO strategy optimized for conversions.
SaaS Link Building
On-page optimization is just one-half of an effective SEO strategy. SaaS companies need to build strong backlinks that prove the trustworthiness of their website and content. By identifying relevant and authoritative websites, reaching out to our network of site owners and partners, and finding you link opportunities in contextually relevant content, our link building services take your SEO campaign to the next level.
Consistent Monitoring and Improvement
A sound SEO strategy doesn't succeed on its own. By continuously monitoring Google Analytics and Search Console, we're always in the loop on how your site visitors interact with your website. This helps us adjust our strategy when needed and ensure that your SaaS SEO performance month-over-month reaches its full potential.
Transparent Reporting
We're SEO nerds, but we don't want to turn your team into one. That's why we send you monthly and quarterly SaaS SEO reports that are easy to understand—so you can keep a pulse on your SEO results without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon.

Our SaaS SEO Process

SaaS SEO is unique, but we’ve developed a proven process to uncover the best SEO tactics, specific to your business, to push your products to the top of the SERPs.


Our process starts with a remote meeting to get on the same page. You’ll tell us about your business. We’ll talk about goals, strategies, and how to use your budget for maximum ROI. 

Keyword Research

What are people searching for when they look up your products? What about when they just want to learn more? Through keyword and topic research, we lay the foundation for your content, structure, and link building strategy.

SEO Roadmap

Our custom SEO roadmap covers technical optimization, content enhancement, and competitor analysis. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring your website is primed for SERP success.


We execute your roadmap through carefully planned 6-month sprints. Starting with quick wins like content refreshes and technical fixes, we layer on link building and content strategy for long-term growth.

Ongoing Strategy

We’re committed to keeping your SaaS website ahead of the curve. Our adaptive approach ensures you move in as search algorithms change and new opportunities arise.

Reporting & SaaS-Focused Analysis

We aren’t fans of the “set it and forget it” approach. We’re focused on revenue from day one. So we look at SEO and revenue metrics to track our impact across all your channels.

Maximize Your Visibility

Full-service SEO with measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the practice of optimizing SaaS websites and content for search engines—helping them rank higher in organic results, attract more site visitors, and increase their conversions. A SaaS SEO strategy involves a mix of on-page and off-page techniques, including keyword research, content marketing, on-page optimization, and link building.

Is SEO important for SaaS companies?

SEO is important for SaaS companies because it helps them get in front of their target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate targeted leads. Often, the other methods SaaS companies use to market themselves (i.e., paid advertising, social media, cold calling, and emailing) can be costly and labor intensive, so SEO helps them get the most bang for their buck.

How much does link building cost?

The price of link building services can differ based on the kind of service you choose and what objectives you want to achieve. For example, one-time projects could cost anything from $500-$5,000, while monthly campaigns might be priced anywhere from $1,000 to more than $20,000 per month.

For an in-depth overview of everything that goes into link building, check out our article: Link Building Pricing and Costs in 2023.

Is a SaaS SEO agency worth it?

Considering the importance of ranking on search engines, partnering with a SaaS SEO agency can be incredibly beneficial for SaaS companies. Especially when compared to PPC, outbound sales, and other digital marketing tactics, SaaS SEO can deliver great returns on your investment in terms of leads and conversions. As such, SaaS companies should strongly consider working with a SaaS SEO company.

Is SEO still relevant in 2024?

Considering that 4.3 billion people use Google every day, SEO is absolutely still relevant in 2024 and beyond. As long as people rely on search engines to find the products and services they need, businesses of all kinds will need to invest in a winning SEO strategy to ensure that their websites are optimized for search engine ranking.

Are there any guarantees when it comes to SaaS SEO?

No. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any SEO strategy will work–and if a company promises you specific results, beware. Every SaaS company has different needs and target audiences, so any B2B SaaS SEO campaign’s success depends on various factors. We take an iterative and data-driven approach to every SEO campaign to maximize its potential and help SaaS businesses achieve their goals.

What are the benefits of SaaS SEO?

When SaaS businesses invest in SEO, there are many benefits they enjoy:

  • Improved visibility on search engine results pages
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased conversion rates and leads
  • High-quality content that moves their target audience through the sales funnel
What is a SaaS SEO Agency?

A SaaS SEO agency helps SaaS businesses optimize their websites to appear in search engines like Google.

Why is it important to work with an SEO agency that specializes in SaaS?

Experienced SaaS SEO agencies understand the unique challenges that come with optimizing websites for SaaS brands. For example, if your SaaS solution is one-of-a-kind, there may not be any obvious keywords to target. However, a SaaS SEO agency can help you devise a strategy to attract the proper audience.

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