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What sets our SaaS link building strategies apart?

SaaS products can be highly technical. For SaaS link building to work well, your SaaS SEO agency needs to deeply understand your product and how it benefits users. Our years of experience in the SaaS and B2B tech space enable us to quickly grasp your product’s value proposition.

We’ve worked with dozens of clients in the consumer software industry, from early-stage SaaS companies to global enterprise software corporations that have been around for decades, and we have helped all of them achieve measurable gains in organic search traffic, conversions, revenue, and profitability.

White hat links for SaaS

Because SaaS and B2B tech are such competitive areas, customized high-quality link building is crucial to competing on Google and improving your organic search presence. If you don’t build links while your competitors do, you’ll lose out on valuable organic traffic that will go to other companies in your space.

Many SEO agencies lack experience with SaaS marketing and use ineffective strategies. This can be very costly to your business. As a white hat link building agency, our link building strategies are safe, permanent, and built with Google’s search engine algorithm in mind.

Additionally, we are able to offer HARO (Help a Reporter Out) links as part of select SaaS link building packages. Get credited as an expert source in your niche on high DR websites. Head here for a full breakdown of HARO link building, what goes into the process, and our expertise.

Our Link Building Process

Before we build any backlinks, our SEO strategists will work with your marketing team to understand your specific KPI and business goals (e.g. more demos or SQLs, higher conversions from organic search vs. PPC), and create a customized high-quality Roadmap to allocate links across your site in the most impactful way possible to achieve your target.
Laying the foundation

During this Roadmap phase, we’ll also dig deep to understand your Ideal Customer Profile and the way they think and search for things online. We will then use this insight to help you outrank your competition for the most popular keywords and also the long tail keywords associated to your product.

Link building execution

Once the Roadmap phase is complete, we begin our link building outreach to sites and articles that have topical relevance to what your specific product does. During the past four years, we’ve built up relationships with hundreds of high-quality sites in the tech and SaaS industries, from trade publications to blogs to tech news sites. Working through these relationships, we find the perfect spot for a contextual link back to your company. We also ensure that the anchor text we use to link back to your site is implemented in a way that will bring results quickly without appearing unnatural in the eyes of search engines.

Reporting and fine tuning

We will provide you with a detailed monthly report of the links built, as well as key metrics related to the backlink – site traffic, DR/DA, trust metrics. But we don’t stop there. We understand that your ultimate goal is an increase in traffic and conversions, so every quarter our SEO team also provides a deeper-dive report that shows exactly how we’re moving your business towards those goals. To ensure rankings, traffic and conversions are always moving in the right direction, our SEO team will guide you on content changes or shift our link allocation to new pages when appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results from a link building service?

Our clients realize multifold increases in organic search rankings, site traffic, conversions, and revenues. Most begin seeing those gains in fewer than 3 months.

How does SaaS link building differ from non-SaaS link building?

Many SaaS companies tend to operate in much more competitive spaces, so obtaining links from high-quality sites is even more critical when it comes to ranking well for their main keywords. Our years of experience working with SaaS and B2B tech companies have given us a number of deep relationships with authoritative publications that will help move the needle faster in terms of your organic traffic and conversions.

Can you obtain backlinks that are relevant to my niche?

Yes. Links back to your site will be contextually relevant to the article in which they are placed. We have experience working with a wide range of SaaS and B2B tech companies, from more mainstream software to extremely unique products that currently lack mass appeal. In both situations, we build white hat links in a way that appears natural within the context of the article.

Our software/platform is one-of-a-kind. What keywords can we rank for if consumers are not searching for what we do?

This is a common problem we help our clients solve. We will work with you to develop a link building strategy to attract relevant visits, even if consumers don’t know they need your product yet!

Why should I hire a SaaS link building agency?

Many of our clients come to us because they’ve tried to do link building in-house and realize that it just takes up too much valuable time. By outsourcing your link building efforts, you can free up your time and rest assured that your site will acquire high-quality backlinks in a strategic, safe, and reliable way that is backed by our holistic SEO strategy.

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