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Link Building Case Studies

More than just link building.
Measurable results.

Client Traffic Increase Links Built Duration
47% 22.9k → 33.6k
2+ years
544% 3.2K → 20.6K
12 months
100% 11.9k → 23.8k
6 months
47% 1.7K → 2.5K
2 years
129% 0.7K → 1.6K
9+ months
58% 3.8K → 6.0K
9+ months

Link Building Case Studies

More than just link building.
Measurable results.

Client Traffic Increase Links Built
47% 22.9k → 33.6k
544% 3.2K → 20.6K
100% 11.9k → 23.8k
47% 1.7K → 2.5K
129% 0.7K → 1.6K
58% 3.8K → 6.0K

More Authority​

Top-authority sites for quality links and better organic search

More Traffic​

Better search rankings for
high-intent traffic

More Revenue​

Motivated site visits that convert to real revenue

Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy—it’s how Google determines where to rank your content. So if you’re not link building, you’re not ranking. And you’re not getting traffic or leads from people who are looking for what you offer.

Linkflow’s team of link builders, outreach specialists, and SEO experts work together to deliver a comprehensive link building strategy that will improve your website’s link profile, so you can achieve your digital marketing goals.

And since we lead with a custom strategy, our white hat link building activities and SEO services set you up for success.


Our custom link building approach

Unlike many link building companies, Linkflow is a full-service SaaS SEO agency. We use keyword-rich anchor text to create quality, high-value editorial links that are contextually relevant to your business. 

We reach out to our expertly-vetted, constantly growing network of high-DR website owners and bloggers to get your site link placements on relevant, authority websites. Once your link placement is secured, our link building services team gets it placed on the target website in a relevant context.





We work with relevant blogs and quality websites that are contextually relevant to your business and enjoy average Ahrefs Domain Ranks of 50 or higher.





You can expect noticeable impact from acquiring high quality backlinks in a year.






Organic traffic—and conversion to revenue—can increase exponentially in less than a year!

Quantitative Research

Domain Authority, Domain Rank, traffic, trust flow, citation flow, and spam score dictate whether a link is valuable, and our link building services team continually monitors link metrics so that we can identify and secure only high quality backlinks for your business.

Qualitative Research

As part of our manual link building process, our link building services team also looks at the quality of content, user experience, and other factors that influence whether a site will drive traffic and conversions to your specific platform.


Our link building services team continuously adds new publications and other quality websites in our clients’ verticals. Whether it’s SaaS, tech, business, or software, we’re always looking for the best places to build links.

An Ongoing and Iterative Approach

We take an iterative approach to growing your website’s organic traffic, meaning that we rigorously and continuously test link placements, types, locations, and copy to find the quality link building strategy that works best for your business.

Learn about our link building process

You drive. We plan the trip

Stop chasing your customers. Let them come to you.

Google is not a game of hide-and-seek. That’s why it’s our mission to land you at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) for your most profitable keywords.

But building links is just one element of SEO, so we start with the destination in mind—your own website. Our SEO link building experts thoroughly review your site structure, internal links, and content, as well as how many links you need.

Once we find out how you’re doing on Google in relation to your competitors, we develop an actionable, step-by-step gameplan to surpass them on the search terms that matter most.

We set the foundation for our link building with the following:

Competitive Analysis

See exactly what your competitors are doing so you can do it a lot better.

Content Improvements

Get the most out of your existing content and get detailed recommendations on creating high-quality content that will rank well.

Internal Linking and Site Structure

Boost your site rankings almost immediately while leading your audience straight to the information they’re looking for.

Site Structure

Make your site easily navigable for both audiences and search engines.

SERP Appearance

Boost your click-through rate by improving the way people see your listing.

Extensive Keyword Research

Discover low-competition search terms that efficiently drive prospects to pages where they’ll convert.


Our SEO specialists didn't reinvent the wheel. They just perfected it.

Linkflow is the result of extensive link building and SEO experience. Our tried-and-true link building process has been refined to perfection over the years.

A passion-driven team of SEO wizards, Linkflow is on a mission to scale your website traffic and search engine rankings.

We’re a collaborative, fun-loving group with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and experiences. Led by a team of link building and SEO experts, whether you need just a few links or high volume link building campaigns, we work together to increase traffic that grows your revenue.

A Custom-Tailored Link Building Strategy

Every client requires different link building strategies to achieve their desired results. We construct a custom link building approach for each project. We take a strategy-first approach to drive breakthrough results for your website.

White Hat Link Building Tactics

 If you lose, we lose. Black hat techniques put your website at serious risk, so we rigorously vet every link we build, making sure to target high-authority websites when acquiring links. Our link building services clients have never received a Google penalty.

Transparent Reporting


It sucks to be kept in the dark. That’s why we send a detailed link building performance report every month–so you’re always in the loop. Quarterly, we show you exactly how those links impact your search engine rankings, traffic, web pages, and conversions with a detailed video analysis.


Why should I hire a link building agency?

Hiring a digital marketing specialist or going the do-it-yourself route takes time away from your core business tasks—you’ll either spend too much time or money on link building efforts without getting the results you need.

Building your own links is costly. You’ll need to purchase link building tools, find your own link placements on external websites, and devote significant time and resources to find relevant, high quality backlinks or guest posting, without any guarantee of success.

White hat link building companies like Linkflow have a massive network of relationships with publishers, bloggers, and website owners, so we can get your business the links it needs to rank higher in search results.

In addition, link building companies have the tools and expertise to track your link building campaign progress and measure your link building ROI.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Linkflow, we’re committed to helping you understand everything that goes into finding an SEO link building service that can maximize your website’s capabilities and organically grow your business.

Yes! Also known as inbound or external links, backlinks direct traffic from one website to another. Think of a backlink as an endorsement from an authoritative source, much like a restaurant recommendation for an out-of-town guest. Quality backlinks notify search engines that a destination URL (i.e., your website) can be trusted as credible and safe. The more quality backlinks directed to your website from other reputable websites, the higher it will rank on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). 

White hat backlinks, as opposed to black hat links, are regarded as safe by Google and other search engines if:

  • A real person is likely to read the article that links back to your site
  • The backlink makes sense and has appropriate context in the article

Provided these two things are true, a backlink is white hat and we don’t see that changing any time soon. As a one-way link building service, we do this by never agreeing to “reciprocal linking” in exchange for a high quality link on third party websites. This is a frowned upon technique.

Black hat link building is any practice that attempts to violate search engine guidelines and beat the algorithms, with examples including keyword stuffing and poor content quality. Search engines consider black hat links as potentially unsafe and run a high risk of incurring a penalty.

Linkflow is one of the best link building agencies and our backlinks are 100% safe.

There are typically three efficient ways a link building company will gain white hat backlinks:

  • To have website content so outstanding and unique that other sites find it and voluntarily link to it on their own (these are known as natural links and have become EXTREMELY difficult to achieve)
  • To pitch existing content or an idea for a guest blog post or a relevant, high-authority publication or website to create a backlink
  • To develop relationships with editors and journalists at reputable publications, which trust the quality and relevance of our content for posting or agree to create relevant links in their own content

We use methods #2 and #3. Unlike a blogger outreach service, we also constantly work to build our network of website publishers to improve your opportunities for backlink placements.

Our backlinks are 100% safe and built with the Google Algorithm in mind.

As a high quality SEO link building agency, we generate backlinks that are optimized with your keywords in mind, based on the extensive research we conduct while preparing your SEO roadmap, and designed to drive traffic to the pages on your website that generate the best conversion to revenue.

We only work with high-authority websites and publications, which are well-regarded by Google and other search engines and most likely to improve your rank and search results.

It’s crucial that your link building and SEO agencies have effective relationships. We have established a large network of editorial relationships with high-authority publishers. Together, we build the backlinks you need to drive high-intent traffic that is ready to buy. We focus on your search engine optimization so you can do what you do best: grow your business.

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