How we tripled an HR Tech company’s organic traffic in just one quarter (and then doubled that).

When Benepass came to us with the ambitious goal to 5x their organic traffic, they had a tight budget. That didn’t mean they wanted to skimp on quality, though. So they needed every link and piece of content to count.

Suffice it to say… Our strategy started to work a lot faster than expected.

See how we worked with Benepass to create a content and link-building strategy that earned the links they needed to drive organic traffic and leads.



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At the heart of Benepass’s strategy was a clear realization: their leads from organic traffic closed at substantially higher rates compared to other channels.

Their target? A lofty 5x surge in organic traffic and an aim to double their organic leads.

However, every SEO journey comes with its unique set of challenges. Dubbing themselves the “flexible benefits platform for people-first companies,” Benepass is a new player in an almost-as-new market.

Their marketing team faced a dual predicament:

  • Keyword conundrums. The innovative nature of their product meant the search volume for their specific keywords was lower than they hoped for.
  • Market misalignments. While some of their target keywords gravitated toward the B2C segment, Benepass is a B2B SaaS company.

Tying their hands further was a restrictive budget. They had the money to spend, but they did not have the money to spend twice.

Getting Started

This set the stage for their collaboration with Linkflow. Every link and every piece of content was a chess move — calculated, strategic, and impactful.

When our team first got to the drawing board, we:

  • left room for flexibility and strategic pivots in the budget
  • scheduled biweekly collaboration with the content marketing team

Our Strategy

It takes two to tango. That’s why we met with Benepass’s content marketing team every two weeks: to verify alignment and check on the status of newly published content.

As for the strategy itself? It’s simple, really…

An agile SEO roadmap

The first step in our process was a custom SEO roadmap. It’s a two-week sprint that allows us to quickly figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Right out of the gate, we gave them content and design recommendations for their homepage. We also identified low-hanging fruit we could use to start getting them organic traffic and leads.

Agility is what made all the difference, though. We’ve been flexible and pivoted when they asked us to. That way, we’re always focused on content that actually moves the needle.

A few tiny changes that made all the difference

It’s the little things that count in SEO. When Benepass’s most important keyword was tied to a commercial page, it wasn’t ranking at all. So we optimized a blog post for the same keyword and watched it quickly jump to spot 3.

A link boost when budget allowed

Link building is pricey, but it’s also high-impact. And when you lay the groundwork with conversion-driven, SEO-optimized content, it’s a lot easier to generate links that turn into leads (and, eventually, money).

Over the months, we built 38 links to just five really important pages. And we only secured backlinks from high-quality, contextually relevant sites.

Great Content + Links = Incredible Results

In SEO, you play the long game. But that doesn’t mean it takes forever to see any results.

Here’s a quick look at the numbers:

  • From 50 to 618 page 1 keywords over our campaign
  • 20x YoY growth for pages we’ve linked to or created outlines for
  • 2.5x quarterly growth from Q1 to Q2 of 2023
  • More than 10x leads generated from content we linked to or outlined

Organic Traffic Growth (Linkflow Pages)

Organic Traffic Growth (Sitewide)

Increase in Conversions Attributed to Linkflow Pages


  • Start with great content. If you build links to a poorly designed and written page, it won’t convert. You need backlinks. But what you’re really after is conversions.
  • Success depends on the experts and the client. We’re the best at what we do. But we don’t have magic wands. Flexibility, collaboration, alignment, and a rock-solid content team all played a role.
  • Focus on ROI from day zero. Whether it’s a $10k/mo or a $100k/mo budget, the most important thing is that it puts more money in your pocket. Set up revenue attribution and tracking ahead of time.

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