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How to Maximize SEO, Boost Traffic, and Gain ROI Through a Link-Building Roadmap

Josh Elkin
Josh Elkin and Ben Yost are the Founders of Linkflow and Co-hosts of the Accidental Marketers Podcast.

Josh has five years of digital marketing and entrepreneurship experience. He has an MBA from Kellogg, and while he misses life on the West Coast, he currently resides in his hometown of New York City. In his spare time, Josh enjoys tennis, cooking, skiing, biking, and trying to ensure his new puppy doesn’t eat every piece of trash on the NYC city streets.

Ben YostBen is an Owner of Linkflow as well as the COO, building and overseeing the sales and marketing teams. As an experienced agency owner himself, he understands what it takes to run an agency. In his free time, Ben loves to spend time in nature, exploring the mountains, or taking dive trips around the world in some tropical paradise. Ben also loves all things music and going to rock and roll concerts when he can.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Josh Elkin and Ben Yost discuss Linkflow, their link-building agency, and how they help clients maximize their SEO and ensure that high quality links are getting the results they want
  • Josh and Ben explain the concept of holistic SEO
  • Looking for steady growth and organic traffic in sites where links are coming from
  • The importance of building your site around consumer psychology
  • How to compete in the face of bigger competitors with larger budgets
  • Josh and Ben discuss how Linkflow helps clients build a roadmap to align SEO strategies with business goals

In this episode…

Are you maximizing your business’ SEO to give it the best leg up? Are you giving into common pitfalls without realizing it? How can you give your business the best visibility and avoid being overshadowed by bigger competitors?

Josh Elkin and Ben Yost founded Linkflow to help answer those questions — and more. Linkflow is a conversion-obsessed link-building agency that helps clients strategize their SEO to provide quality backlinks for traffic and leads. Everyone wants their content’s visibility to be higher, and Josh and Ben help provide a roadmap to align SEO strategies with that goal.

In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Linkflow Founders Josh Elkin and Ben Yost. Josh and Ben reflect on their backgrounds and what led them to create Linkflow. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of efficiently maximizing your SEO and what to watch out for when pursuing that goal. They also share common pitfalls that occur in pursuit of greater visibility against larger competitors.

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