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The Growth and Challenges of a Leadership Journey With Richard Wagner

Richard WagnerRichard Wagner is a healthcare technology leader and the CEO of Raven Health, a behavioral health tech company. Prior to Raven Health, Richard spent nine years at Ability Network Inovalon in a series of leadership roles. He is a strategic leader with a track record in scaling high-growth, billion-dollar companies. He currently lives in New York City with his wife, Molly.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Richard Wagner shares his background of working in healthcare technology
  • Richard discusses Raven Health, its history, and his role in its development
  • How Raven Health makes moving offline data to the online world more efficient
  • Successful methods that Raven Health has employed in their digital marketing initiatives
  • How do you keep people engaged and build culture when you’re not meeting with your team every day?
  • Richard reflects on the challenges he has encountered throughout his career
  • The daily rituals that Richard performs to make his day run smoothly
  • Richard talks about the value of having a mentor for leadership development — and he shares advice from his own mentors

In this episode…

Being a leader is not often easy. Many complex decisions are required to be made regarding your own duties as well as the people you add to your team. Life, both personally and professionally, will bring challenges. How can you best respond as a leader to ensure success all around?

Richard Wagner has had an extensive career as a leader in the world of healthcare technology. Most recently, he was involved with the launch of Raven Health, which seeks to use intuitive technology to free clinicians so that they can better care for and connect with their patients. Richard’s vast leadership experience has left him with many moments to draw out advice and best practices. Now, he’s here to share it all with you.

In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost interview Richard Wagner, healthcare technology leader and CEO of Raven Health. Richard reflects on the challenges that leaders face, the struggles and benefits of remote work, and how to best listen to your team members and customers. He also shares some of his fun personal stories, the great advice he has received along the way, and the value mentors have played in his life.

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