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A SaaS company with a platform designed to assist sales teams came to us with interest in link building. They were working on producing content but not in a way that was fully optimized for search.

They were also relatively new to the world of link building, but were curious to learn how this effort might help propel them to the top of the SERPs.

Link Building Strategy

First, we advised the client on pages that should be created to rank for relevant keywords. The introduction of technology solutions for the sales industry is still relatively new, so it would be important to meet searchers where they are, and attract them via keywords that they were already familiar with.

During this strategy development process, we also observed that their competitors were using a simple navigational structure. Therefore, we recommended changes to more efficiently funnel users to their platform page, which is where SaaS clients tend to see the most conversions (in this case, demo requests).

We also developed a structured link building campaign to target a range of their most valuable pages on the site. They were one of the first movers in this newly created vertical so establishing authority early-on was critical.

We built 16 links per month across four pages for 10+ months.

The Results

During the course of 10 months, we achieved the following results:

Built 145 links with an average DR of 58
63 to 67
Went from DR 63 to 67
146% increase in clicks
241% increase in impressions
295% increase in demo requests


  • Updating content regularly is important. Even if your industry is relatively stagnant, consider updating it with statistics from new studies or even custom images to make your content fresh for users.
  • Don’t be afraid to mimic your competition–especially if they’ve demonstrated success in your vertical. And when it comes to web design, users prefer that websites are predictable–being too creative can result in a poor user experience.
  • An overlooked aspect of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is search intent alignment. When you target the right type of searcher, you can turbocharge (or in this case, triple) your conversions instead of tweaking landing pages here and there to see marginal improvements.

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